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Mattress Cleaning Services

You probably want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready for a good night’s sleep before going to bed. Clean, nice-smelling bedding can work wonders and send you to sleep in no time.

But what if the mattress on which you sleep is old and worn?

What if it has unsightly stains on it? That would undoubtedly ruin your nice sleep experience.

But how do you clean a mattress while avoiding these issues? You can’t put in a washing machine, and vacuuming won’t help much either.

Looking for the best Atlanta mattress cleaning service? So, look no further, Oxydrycleans is here. We will ensure that your mattress is thoroughly clean and fresh-smelling using our modern procedures and professionals. We employ advanced ways to remove stains and dust from your mattress. Furthermore, the services we offer are efficient and optimal for your mattress cleaning.

What we offer:

  • We specialize in mattress cleaning
  • Chemical-free, eco-friendly technique
  • Dry mattresses after cleaning
  • Removes more than 99 percent of bacteria, allergies, pests, stains, and other pollutants

Dust Mite Removal

Because we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, the mattress we sleep on must be clean and germ-free.

Over 40% of Americans suffer from a variety of allergies caused by dust mites that have grown in mattresses and throughout the home. It is also generally known that 90% of persons with asthma have an allergy to house dust mites. Remember that your pets, like humans, shed dust mites, which is what causes the majority of pet allergies. It is advisable to groom your pets outside to reduce the dust mites created by pets.

To avoid dust mites, clean your bedding frequently, cover beds with protective coverings, remove wall-to-wall carpeting, vacuum frequently, and limit humidity in the home, remove heavy window treatments, replace HVAC air filters, and mop with a moist mop.

 Process for our mattress cleaning service

We have maintained our reputation as the top mattress cleaning services in Atlanta.

Our professionals will first inspect the stain before determining how to remove it. We analyze the type of fabric and the afflicted region before deciding on the best cleaning method.

All of our cleaning solutions are made with Ph-balancing substances that treat the mattress fabric with care and attention to detail. We never use a harsh cleaning method that could harm the mattress.

We frequently begin with the ultraviolet C light procedure, followed by a high-powered vacuum, dry steam, infrared heat, and finally the ozone deodorization process to eliminate all unwanted odors from the mattress.

You will notice a reduction in allergy problems caused by dust mites after a thorough mattress cleaning from us. You’ll sleep better knowing that you’re not sleeping with millions of disgusting organisms munching on your dead skin cells.

Finally, your mattress is rinsed with an all-natural, PH-balanced enzyme-based solution to remove any remaining allergens and dirt, restoring your bed to its original state – clean, sanitised, renewed, and comfortable!

Dust mites can be found in all types of covered furniture, so in addition to mattress cleaning, you should look into sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, and couch cleaning to lessen the stigma of all those dust mites in your home – Atlanta.

Mattress Cleaning Prices

  • Twin size: $55.00
  • Full Size: $85.00
  • Queen size: $89.00
  • King size: $99.00
  • Box Spring: $20.00